Thursday, May 17, 2012


Umm....confession. I didn't base this off a sketch.


  1. Nice! thanks for posting this. It's looking good. What would you name this emotion? For me it reads as if he's hiding from someone or watching out for some bad guy or something, am I right? I like the gesture in the hands and fingers, I think it really helps the pose. Nice Job!

    ps. Sorry I think I didn't clarify that we're supposed to name the emotion/action of our pose, not just write if it's an emotion or action.

    1. yeah I was struggling to name the emotion, so I just chickened out, but it was meant to be as if he's sneaking around or is wary of something. Glad you could guess it!

    2. I think naming the emotions is the hardest part haha! I have a hard time as well but if you can't find the exact verb or emotion just try and describe is as good as you can. Thanks Aaron!