Friday, May 18, 2012


Random contemplative pose!!! I also confess, I didn't do this from a drawn reference. Just came up with the pose in my head and had at it in Maya :).



  1. Hey Ali, It's looking nice! Thanks for posting it. I think I made a mistake and when I said what to label your post. What I meant was to name the emotion or action your character is experiencing and not just writing "emotion" or "action pose" hehe. Sorry about that. I think the pose works and for me it reads as "thinking" or "Analyzing". I like the tilt on the shoulders and hips. Nice job!

    ps. We don't need to have the eyes geometry on at this point so don't worry about it next time :) thanks!

    1. Thank you, thank you :D! I'll change the title to contemplative because that was the kind of thing I was going for :D. And I'll remember that about the eyes, sorry about that ^^;.

      Thanks for the feedback~!

    2. Thanks Alexis! I have a hard time finding the word to describe the pose but just try to describe it as good as you can. The new title is great! Thanks for posting your image.